Monday, November 30, 2009

Terrible Twos

So I haven't written a blog post in forever because I never even gave anyone the address to this...but I think I'll put it on facebook and then family and friends can get updated on the kids...even though I think people share way too much about themselves online...but oh well.

So today I went to the gym and everything was fine until we walked out the door. Gavin turned into the devil. He refused to hold my hand in the parking lot, and I was pushing Lucas in the stroller, so I was trying to grip his hand while steering and Gavin just kept going limp. So I tell him he either has to hold my hand or I have to carry him. He sits on the ground and says "nooooooooo" so I pick him up as he is wriggling and I am still trying to steer the stroller. In the meantime Lucas is crying because it is chilly and he is tired and just wants to fall asleep. So I finally get Gavin kicking to the car and set him down so I can unlock the car.

Well, "they" are right, you can't take your eyes of them for one second, because Gavin thinks he gets to run back to the "tunnel" ( a series of metal posts for people to lock bikes to) so I grab him and say "you NEVER run in a parking lot" but of course he just knows that if we get in the car we are heading home to take a nap and has no concept of cars in the parking lot. He is trying to wriggle out of my grasp and Lucas is still crying because I haven't been able to put him in the car yet. So now I have to put Gavin in first, because he can't be trusted, and he is arching is back doing whatever he can not to be strapped in. I had just read an article in Parent's magazine about how to handle temper tantrums and I am thinking...ok, that article goes out the window when it is cold and a baby is crying and cars are driving I said "here" and handed him a box of animal crackers.

Of course, once in the car Lucas falls asleep and Gavin is a little angel, singing along to the radio.

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