Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nap Time

My kids are taking a nap and I'd really like to be in bed reading, but I know I would probably fall asleep and just end up more tired than I am now so....blogging. Actually, I should be trying to get a gold cup in Mario Kart once and for all because when I play when Gavin is awake he walks in front of me and I take it way too seriously. I have to take a deep breath when he makes me lose and remember that it is just a video game and he is my child, therefore I cannot push him out of the way and saw naughty words.

Anyway, I'm annoyed by many things, so here is a list of no particular order, however number one is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves.

1. People who whistle. - I'm may be this person, many people do it. Particularly, there is a man who works in Meijer that whistles so loud that I can hear him no matter where we are in the store in relation to each other. When I hear him I am instantly enraged and on a mission to find him and give him a dirty look....but he is so sneaky, too! I get a glimpse of him down an aisle or something and then he's gone..but always the whistling...the whistling.

2. The parking situation at the medical office we go to...or actually parking in general. Yes, this will sound insensitive, but if you need a handicap sticker because you are just too old to walk into a shouldn't be driving. I'm not saying handicapped people shouldn't drive...if you have a disability but can still drive, more power to you. But if you are so old or physically impaired you have no business driving anyway, get someone to drop you off at the door so I don't have to cart my two screaming kids a mile to the door in the wind and snow.

3. Cell phones. Yes, cliche, everyone hates people who don't have cell phone etiquette...yet why are there so many people in the world who insist on pulling out in front of you while they drive 5 mph because they are on the phone and steering with one hand? Or what about the person in front of me returning something at Target who hands the clerk her item and receipt and thinks that all the communication needed, because she is also on a call and can't be bothered to converse with a Target employee. I heard the conversation didn't sound like an emergency or anything.

4. People at the gym. I'm a member of Lifetime Fitness, which, if you've never been there, is great but also a lot like GloboGym from Dodge Ball. Anyway, most people are cool, but some people are of the opinion that they must dress head to toe in the latest work out styles, complete with matching hat, jacket, shoes, and iPod holder...and then they must talk to their best friend running next to them on the treadmill about the latest guy they are dating...loudly. OH wait, one of them gets a phone call....better take this...loudly. At least she didn't start whistling.

I could go on and on....but I already sound a bit like a jerk. I've made it my policy not to do any cleaning when both boys are sleeping...but maybe I should break that rule since I should probably get my house in order before we head to AZ and I start work. Wait, Phineas and Ferb is on. Sweet.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

An open letter to crazy yoga instructor with long blonde hair.

Dear Yoga Girl,

I apologize for walking out of your class 10 minutes after it started, but I feared for my life. My infant son was in the child room and I knew they would come get me if I needed to change his diaper. According to you, the most distracting thing a person can do is talk or look around during your must have wanted to emphasize this fact since you talked about what not to do the whole time I was in there. Remember when you yelled at that woman for helping another person with a yoga pose? You are so enlightened since you say that a person just needs to "listen to her heart and any pose she does will be beautiful and perfect." I am going to go in there and just start vogueing and see what you say about the beauty of that. Oh...remember when you demanded that we keep our eyes closed and then when I looked up at you you pointed at your eyes and made a "close them" motion? Are you in the witness protection program? Are you afraid to be seen? Also, remember when we were doing breathing exercises and getting ready to get started and you lectured everyone about saving places with their mats? I'm so glad you gave a talk about not distracting others because you lecturing us was totally relaxing! I can't imagine not being able to hear your voice if someone next to me was trying to talk to me. So, in closing...even though the short time I was in there I felt like I was on Candid Camera or Punked or something...great job yoga instructor. P.S....this all really happened...this chick was crazy.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Job

So hurray, I just got the news that I got a job I applied for! I am so excited because I think I'll like the job, but also to have an income more reliable than unemployment.

I did have a mini-panic attack right after I informally accepted over the phone, however. Gavin is very energetic at night and as soon as I hung up with the HR coordinator he just walked up and grabbed my hands and said "want to dance with Mommy" and started spinning and jumping. I lost it and just started crying. I get frustrated a lot during the week but when I think about not being with the boys during the day it breaks my heart! I've always thought I was the type to not stay at home, and I think that working is the right choice for me, but it is so hard. I guess if you are a working mom you know...and if you're a stay at home mom, you probably know, too. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

So, unless my future manager is upset that I need to take four days off right off the bat for Christmas in Arizona, I start as a financial proofreader with Plante & Moran on December 14th. If you have any daycare tips, let me know. Our last choice is to go with the daycare we used before...only because Gavin got sick all the time. But I'm nervous to have someone come to the house because if that person calls in sick then what do you do? I need to do some research on what people are paid these days. Well, time for a celebratory beer and some MSU basketball!!

Potty Training

All right, I have another fun story!

So, Gavin shows all the signs that he is ready for potty training: 1.) He is interested in using the potty. 2.) He knows (and announces) when he has to "go", etc. So we've had a kids potty for awhile and Gavin will sit on it before bath time for a good 20 minutes just talking or singing or we will read a book to him. So last night he is sitting on the potty and I am convinced that this time he will actually go...but no....he just wants to use the "paper toilet" and flush it. So then I have a genius idea....why not let Gavin wear his big boy underpants during dinner and maybe he will be more aware of when he has to go and actually use the potty. So Gavin is so excited to wear his Thomas the Train underpants and we go downstairs.

So, during dinner Gavin is sitting in his highchair just talking and eating like usual, and it is Trav's turn to give him a bath. He goes over to wipe Gavin's hands and he says, "what is this puddle under his chair from." I thought..Toby dripping water while begging? But no....Gavin had peed in his underpants enough that his socks and the floor beneath his chair were soaked. Gavin didn't care at all. I'm thinking we should wait a few weeks for the potty training.

Side note, we went to the gym this morning and Gavin was very well behaved...he just kept saying "no running Gavin, no running Gavin."