Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Potty Training

All right, I have another fun story!

So, Gavin shows all the signs that he is ready for potty training: 1.) He is interested in using the potty. 2.) He knows (and announces) when he has to "go", etc. So we've had a kids potty for awhile and Gavin will sit on it before bath time for a good 20 minutes just talking or singing or we will read a book to him. So last night he is sitting on the potty and I am convinced that this time he will actually go...but no....he just wants to use the "paper toilet" and flush it. So then I have a genius idea....why not let Gavin wear his big boy underpants during dinner and maybe he will be more aware of when he has to go and actually use the potty. So Gavin is so excited to wear his Thomas the Train underpants and we go downstairs.

So, during dinner Gavin is sitting in his highchair just talking and eating like usual, and it is Trav's turn to give him a bath. He goes over to wipe Gavin's hands and he says, "what is this puddle under his chair from." I thought..Toby dripping water while begging? But no....Gavin had peed in his underpants enough that his socks and the floor beneath his chair were soaked. Gavin didn't care at all. I'm thinking we should wait a few weeks for the potty training.

Side note, we went to the gym this morning and Gavin was very well behaved...he just kept saying "no running Gavin, no running Gavin."

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