Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This is not in 3-D

Melanie, this is for you because I totally agree!

The other weekend Trav and I went to see Inception (love it). Our tickets were $10 each, since they don't have the whopping $1 student discount on the weekends (even though we went on a Friday, but apparently that is part of the weekend). After paying $20 for the tickets, we decided to get popcorn and pop. I got a small popcorn and pop, Trav got a medium. We are unable to share popcorn since Trav puts so much salt on his you'd think he was a moose (aren't moose supposed to like salt a lot?). So, the two drinks and two popcorns were fricken $25!!!!! We went to dinner beforehand, each had a beer, and our bill was hardly more than that! WTF!!! Ok, whatever, we are here, we are going to enjoy the movie.

So, if you have been to the movies recently, you will notice that every movie coming out in the future is in 3-D. Every kid's movie is in 3-D. The next Step Up movie is in 3-D. I'm pretty sure if An Inconvenient Truth came out today, it would be in 3-D...or maybe American History X. I'm sure the curb scene would be sweet with 3-D glasses on. What I didn't realize, however, is that when you do see a 3-D movie, you have to pay $3.50 more a ticket. I wish I could convey my incredulity at that price in writing...without profanity, that is. $3.50 MORE A TICKET....so now when you watch the movie coming out with Jerry O'Connell about piranha that kill people, the movie will be that much more awesome because it is in 3-D and you will have paid $13.50 for the privilege of seeing what I'm sure will be a cinematic masterpiece.

It will take a lot for me to go to the theater for a movie now, I am making a stand against the movie producers who think that people are going to fall for this. The Sony 3-D TVs, on the other hand, are genius. It makes total sense that Justin Timberlake and Peyton Manning would be promoting something so essential to my daily life.


Sarah Lynn said...

Seriously too funny! I totally agree with you! Because we are cheapo's, we make it a point to go to the very first showing of a movie for the day, that way it is cheaper. We also stop at the store on the way to purchase candy and pop, which we sneak in. I also am not a fan of 3D because in my head, I'm thinking it is already 3D... it's not like the movie is shot so that it looks like Super Mario...
On the other hand, I will definately purchase anything Justin Timberlake endorses. :-)

Melanie Anderson said...

I got a shout out in someone's blog!!!!!!!! LOVE IT.