Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Job

So hurray, I just got the news that I got a job I applied for! I am so excited because I think I'll like the job, but also to have an income more reliable than unemployment.

I did have a mini-panic attack right after I informally accepted over the phone, however. Gavin is very energetic at night and as soon as I hung up with the HR coordinator he just walked up and grabbed my hands and said "want to dance with Mommy" and started spinning and jumping. I lost it and just started crying. I get frustrated a lot during the week but when I think about not being with the boys during the day it breaks my heart! I've always thought I was the type to not stay at home, and I think that working is the right choice for me, but it is so hard. I guess if you are a working mom you know...and if you're a stay at home mom, you probably know, too. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

So, unless my future manager is upset that I need to take four days off right off the bat for Christmas in Arizona, I start as a financial proofreader with Plante & Moran on December 14th. If you have any daycare tips, let me know. Our last choice is to go with the daycare we used before...only because Gavin got sick all the time. But I'm nervous to have someone come to the house because if that person calls in sick then what do you do? I need to do some research on what people are paid these days. Well, time for a celebratory beer and some MSU basketball!!

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Melanie Anderson said...

Kelli - I am so thrilled for you on your new job. Being a mom is super important but so is financial security for your family and yourself. Nobody understands your working mother plight better than me. I'm on 12 hour days for the month of December. That means I see Hope for almost 15 min. every day - that's it. I see her when she wakes up and then after I drop her off at the sitters I don't see her until the next morning. It's only for one month - I go back to 8-hours the rest of the months of the year - but it's very difficult. And I like my job, but often drive home crying at night from exhaustion and missing my family. And, I know it will end on Dec. 24, but it's still hard to get through this month. It's funny, on a normal work week I'm very happy to go to work on Monday and then on Friday I'm really ready to just stay home. Too bad we can't work 1/2 days each day and have the best of both worlds.