Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Let's go Red Wings

Haha, got you! You thought I was going to talk about the Red Wings, but in actuality, in an attempt to resist getting a tv in our bedroom, I am "letting" Trav watch the game instead of watching LOST so he doesn't try and make a case for another tv.

Oh my gosh Kelly, why do you write such interesting things on this blog?? Hey...stop with the sarcasm, you are the one still reading.

So, I'm just procrastinating going to bed but I really don't have anything interesting to say. I mean, I have a lot of interesting things to say, but I already have a big mouth so I feel like it is not a good idea to complain about my inept boss (hypothetical of course, she is totally good at her job) or the most recent story about one of my friends (for example, one of my friends was recently hanging out with Paris Hilton so, by the transitive theory, I'm famous).

I could talk about Trav. He no longer has a facebook account and if it's not written on spartanmag.com or freep.com he'll never know. Hmm...what should I share about Trav. He sleeps with his eyes half open and his arms folded like a politically incorrect image of an Indian...you know, crossed in front of his chest but out a little bit? It is weird. And one time he said "goat cheese" in his sleep.

Oh, I know. I should write my inventions/observations down now since so many have been stolen from me. For example, a LONG time ago I was thinking about how comfortable it was to lay on someone's chest and I thought, hey, someone should make a pillow shaped like a persons chest/arm and a few months later...boom, there it is. Or, in college I would be talking on my cell phone and laugh or smile and my chubby cheeks would hit the end button and I called it "fat face hang up" and seriously, Caroline Rhea or whatever her name is has a comedy routine and uses those exact words. I have a great idea for a button in your car that you push and it makes it so the windshield wipers slap themselves on the windshield...you know, like you do manually to get the ice off? So the button would do it for you when you were in your car and you had an annoying ice chunk but didn't want to get out. Trav thinks that idea is dumb but seriously, if you're going to pay 60K for a luxury car, wouldn't you think, look at all the cool stuff this car has...heated seats, sunroof, oh, and the windshield wipers bang themselves against the windshield, so that is worth it right there. I just realized that now someone can steal my idea, but it is here first so don't even try it or I will sue you. Hey engineer friends, can you make my idea happen? I'll give you a cut of my fortune. I have a thousand other idea gems like this one in my head, let me know if you're interested in some great investment opportunities.

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Dan Slane said...

So I happened by this and I must say, the windshield slapping wipers are brilliant! :) But seriously, it's brilliant. When it comes to recognizing and empowering yourself to think your whimsical thoughts are really actually unique versions of a personal genius, you should read "Self Reliance" by Emerson. It is rather individualistic and I don't agree with all of it, but he argues that we do a disservice to humanity by disregarding our ideas. Then, we are left to only recognize our own genius retrospectively in the genius of others. No good. I say, think it, then make it happen; then share the money you make with your old friend Dan :).