Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Well well...

lookey here! I can blog at work! That is good, because I have an observation I'd like to make...notice I said observation, not complaint. I don't want people think I'm a debbie downer or complaining cathy or any other alliterative name like that.

So...toilet sheet covers/protectors. I get the point, especially in a gross public bathroom like a gas station or a bar. But really, isn't it just more to think about when you're in an office setting or a cleaner public bathroom? I mean, think about it, either hover or don't, but in the end you are still in a public bathroom and, unless you cover yourself in latex, you will be exposed one way or another to germs. The thing I have more of a problem with is people who flush with their feet. I'm sorry if you're one of them, but really, unless there is crap all over the handle, just use your hands and wash them afterwards! You are putting your shoes, which have been who knows where, on a place where many people touch. And then you go out and, even if you wash your hands, you turn on the faucet or dispense the soap or the paper towels or open the door or whatever...you must touch something, right? Unless you're totally on top of things and you case the place out beforehand and know everything is automatic and hatch an evil scheme to get out without touching a thing (and in that case you might need some professional help), you will get a germ or two on you! Oh, and not to mention that eventually you will have to touch something other people have touched. The door out of the office, or the copy machine, or the microwave handle. Oh, better late than never, here's a disclaimer: don't read this if you are prone to germaphobia.

I'm not saying that if you can't avoid germs you might as well take a bath in the toilet...just saying that your efforts are futile. FUTILE!!!!

Oh, and while I'm on the topic, did you ever hear the story of what happened to the Volkernator on her way down to Florida one year? I'll be nice and not post it on here, but lets just say it involves poop...on her hand...that wasn't her own.

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