Monday, May 24, 2010

The Circle of Life - Dinosaur Style

For those of you who have never met my son, Lucas, in person - here he is. Who would have thought that, as a six-year-old watching "The Land Before Time," I was not only watching a moving story about dinosaurs (and passive-aggressive comments on global warming), but I was seeing what my future child would be like. Seriously, Lucas is the personification of Spike. I'm relatively certain that, as time goes by, Gavin will be leading all sorts of adventures while Lucas follows happily along eating and going with the flow. This will be great if they ever get in a land before time-type situation, since Lucas could find a week-old cheerio embedded in carpet in about six seconds flat. So, when Armageddon hits, follow Lucas if you need help finding food.

If you are following Lucas, however, do not get on an airplane with him. He may be sweet, good-natured Spike on the ground, but in the air he turns into that dinosaur that bumps things with its skull. He just gets angry and seems intent on making as much noise as possible while drooling and head-butting anything around him. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go ahead and google "pachycephalosaurus." According to Wikipedia, this dinosaur also had "wide flanks," which is yet another similarity between Lucas and a dinosaur. So, next time you think about taking a one-year-old on a three-hour plane trip, just imagine what it would be like to carry a hungry pachycephalosaurus on your lap while sitting in a tiny seat on a tiny airplane surrounded by weirdos (I'm taking about you weird lady who asked to hold my baby)...and then realize that you would probably rather walk across a barren, lava-infested landscape while being chased by a t-rex. Yep yep!

Remember what a biotch Cera was in that movie? I guess it takes all kinds...

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