Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jumping the Shark

I'm not too picky about what I watch on tv. I can get sucked in to pretty much everything. Once there was a movie on Lifetime with Candace Cameron and Fred Savage and it was the corniest thing I've ever seen but I watched every minute of it. Since I will watch whatever happens to distract me, I'm not too worried about plot lines, etc...but what is going on with tv shows recently? I mean, they are jumping sharks left and right before the first season even wraps! I accidentally started watching a show called...I don't even remember, something about 100 Questions...and there was canned laughter in the background and horrible jokes, I felt embarrassed for the actors involved. Even shows I like are doing weird things.

Law and Order: SVU - First of all, Sharon Stone cannot least she cannot act in a police drama. I used to LOVE this show, but then there was an episode with all these older actresses and some mattress king who fakes his own death and his burned in the process...he turns up at the police woman's house who was on the case years was so weird. And then the season finale where the teaser is like "you're going to find something crazy out about Sharon Stone's character" and you think, maybe we will discover why she is a bad actor, but then the whole crazy thing is that she had breast cancer and her lover left her, so she knows what this mom is going through who's ex had her son kidnapped but the son got killed in the process...what? Really, I mean, are the two comparable?

Glee - Ok, I love this show strictly for its entertainment/musical appeal. But COME ON!!!! It drives me crazy how the two cheerleaders were supposed to sabotage the Glee club, and then in the next episode they are all into it, and then in the next one they hate everybody, and in the next they love everybody. And apparently random rival choir director/Rachel's biological mom is going to just waltz into the hospital and adopt Brynn's baby? Because that's how that works? Oh, I want to start over and have a family...oh, you just had a girl? Well, our paths have crossed once or twice, I'm going to just go ahead and adopt your child, but that's cool because in one episode you became best friends with Mercedes so you can just go hang out with her. I mean, I know this isn't a high intellectual drama but can we have some plot continuity?

Even So You Think You Can Dance screwed up when they had two seasons back-to-back to try to ride the success of past seasons. Too much of a good thing can be bad. But they are redeeming themselves with the new format this season, at least that's what I think.

House and Lie to Me - You guys are cool. Best shows on tv.

This post makes me sound like I do nothing but watch tv, which isn't true. I DVR a lot of things, so some nights I just catch up on a ton of stuff when I don't feel like putting dishes away or talking to my husband or bathing my children. You know, free time.

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Sarah Lynn said...

You are hysterical!