Saturday, June 26, 2010


I watched the movie "Remember Me" tonight because I have a free trial of Netflix. Spoiler alert - don't read this post if you want a surprise ending...because that is exactly what happens. Let me sum up the movie as best as I can...

1. Guy has bad relationship with his Dad ever since Guy's brother killed himself. Guy has special relationship with his sister, however.
2. Girl has strained relationship with her Cop father ever since her mother was murdered in front of her on the subway when she was 11.
3. Cop father arrests Guy.
4. Guy and Girl fall in love.
5. Guy's sister gets picked on, Guy's father realizes he needs to be there for his kids, Guy and Guy's father are a-okay.
6. Guy dies in the World Trade Center on September 11.
7. Everyone is super sad...end shot of Girl sitting on the subway that she never rides since her mom's murder, yet she is smiling this little smile, Guy's unexpected, tragic death really taught me something about living and loving in the moment.

Huh? Seriously, the writers/producers of this movie had one of two ideas. Either this movie (which, in my opinion, the acting really isn't too bad in) is supposed to be about how people deal with tragedy and how bad things happen all the time but you need to find the good and the lo...ok, I can't even finish that theory, because really, yes, we all know horrible things can happen, but my conclusion is that whoever thought up this movie maybe thought it would be all deep but really he or she thought...let's end this movie with a really depressing death that is not foreshadowed and doesn't really solve any problems (since everything is pretty cool in the end, as evidenced by Guy's Dad's newly found appreciation for his family and girl is getting ready to cook up some french toast, and Guy realizes his dad loved him all along and forgives his brother for killing himself. Really, the only redeeming quality is the acting, although Robert Pattinson could you stop moping for a minute and also, if you are going to have Robert Pattinson in a movie, please let him speak in his regular voice because he does a horrible American accent, but all of that doesn't matter because he is beautiful so, in conclusion...."Remember Me" is one of the greatest movies ever made.

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Sarah Lynn said...

I'm laughing my head off! Thank you for your review of the movie because now I won't waste my time renting it. I felt this same way with Atonement. I don't know, I must not be deep enough to get the underlying theme, but whatever. I like happy endings.