Thursday, August 12, 2010

Is it that great?

Summer is a slow time in the financial proofreading world. I guess it is when all the auditors are out getting their report information/drinking with clients and going on vacation, so I haven't had too much to do lately. This has allowed me to spend almost the equivalent hours of a full time job on YouTube. You might read this post and think, uh, Kelly, everyone knows that YouTube is awesome. Is it? Ok, I love cute videos of animals and funny accidents as much as the next person. I don't even mind second-hand videos of tv shows that I can't see on hulu or the network's site. Last night Trav went to bed early and I spent a good hour watching videos of people proposing marriage in creative ways. All good stuff, right? Ok, well what about people who have their own YouTube channels and basically just talk to the camera or use their Mac editing software to make "funny" sketches. I'm not going to lie, I subscribe to jpmetz and I think she's pretty funny. But some people out there make the dumbest videos but get subscribers, and therefore ad revenue, and become partnered (whatever that means), just because a bunch of people think it's really amazing that a person can be creative.
Ok, there is a limit to when we should be applauding creativity. This is an ironic statement since I like it when people read my blogs but I'm not doing anything else but writing about my opinions on things. But really, I mean, the double rainbow auto tune is pretty funny, but the fact that someone with an auto tune feature on his or her computer can auto tune ANYTHING and make money off of it astounds me! And look at Justin Beiber. He put a video of himself singing on YouTube and because a crazy-popular teen idol. Yes, he can sing and I see that he is appealing to teen-aged girls, but there was a time when someone like him would have had to do a bunch of mall appearances and county fairs to get recognized. I know, pot calling the kettle black since I put a video up of Gavin being the cutest kid in the world on YouTube (not for publicity but just to share his sheer cuteness) and write blog posts, but really, kids are going to grow up spending their time trying to make dumb videos and hoping someone will pay them for having a modicum of talent. Alright, that's my rant, off to go watch ONISION sing about being a banana.

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